The Filter

miss-nice-faceMiss Nice produces fine charcoal filters optimized for rolling your own. The slim diameter of 6 mm, the great design, and the high quality construction, puts the finishing touch on your doobie. The activated charcoal filling absorbs tar and nicotine, and provides a smooth smoking experience without killing the fun.

Miss Nice combines a variety of great features: great design, optimized size, and effective filter absorption. At Miss Nice, we care deeply for our environment and society. Therefore, we take care when selecting our producers, arranging shipping, and boxing our product.

Each Miss Nice filter is hand-made in Germany and our boxes are mainly made of recycled materials. Also, the activated charcoal we use is strictly controlled and 100% vegan. Overall, Miss Nice is THE activated charcoal filter for all consumers who care about both their own health and the environment’s. Have a nice day and enjoy! Yours, Miss Nice

Have a nice day and enjoy! Yours, Miss Nice


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  • Miss Nice as from now in

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Why using a charcoal filter?

Simple answer: because it tastes better and works.

Activated charcoal filters absorb tar and nicotine without removing the essential ingredient. That is ideal for all those who care for their body,
but still want to have fun. Additionally, charcoal filters are an effective method for protecting against contaminating particles, like sand, glass or metals.
Unfortunately, these substances are still used for lacing. For these reasons, a charcoal filter is superior to a typical filter made of cardboard.
Finally, you will taste the difference. Charcoal filters ensure a smooth smoking experience and take some bitterness out of the smoke.
We compiled a couple of valuable tips for you here. Try it!

For that reason: Miss Nice!

Optimal Effectiveness

Each Miss Nice filter is filled with strictly controlled and highly effective activated charcoal. Miss Nice charcoal absorbs tar and nicotine through a very large reaction surface of more than 1000 m2/gram. However, it does not filter out the essential ingredient: the joy and pleasure. Try it, you will like it.

Perfect Size

At Miss Nice, we designed a charcoal filter optimized for users who roll their own. Several characteristics make Miss Nice a perfect filter: the slim form, the great absorbent quality, the ceramic caps on both ends and finally the appealing design. Our aim was to provide an alternative to the clumsy and massive 9mm charcoal filters on the market today. We think we did a nice job.

Double Ceramic Cap

Everybody who made this mistake once knows: removing the filter while the doobie is burning sucks. Just because you insert the filter with the plastic cap on the wrong end! Considering that we designed the Miss Nice filter to be perfectly symmetric, it does not matter which direction you place the filter when rolling . Both ends are capped with a heat-resistant ceramic cap. Brilliantly simple but effective!

Delight To All Senses

We are smoking for pleasure. Period. But the same aspiration we have for the taste, we have for the look. We know that a good look does not make a good filter, but a great filter that also has a terrific look? That’s ideal. For that reason, we designed Miss Nice filters to look sleek and classy. The result is something astounding, isn’t it?

Fair Pricing

Our aim as a small and sustainable company is to provide a product that offers both a great quality and a fair price. Because all our production is done under fair working conditions and almost exclusively in Germany, we are probably not as cheap as import products from China. However, due to our lean business structure and low transportation costs we offer Miss Nice at the most competitive price possible. At Miss Nice we believe that fair working conditions and a clear conscience are worth slightly higher costs.


A great company must always consider its own impact on society and the environment. At Miss Nice, we rely on fair and sustainable production. Furthermore, we try to lower our carbon footprint by using packaging and parcels made from recycled cardboard and delivery by bike and public transport. Our appeal: don’t just care about your health, also care about your environment!